Matt Peltier  – Designer
PERSONAL PROJECT    |    8 weeks

Flying Car Interface

PERSONAL PROJECT    |    8 weeks


I created an entertainment system for a fictitious flying car, the Levitus. I love both interior design and all things retro-futuristic, so I wanted to investigate what the Levitus’ in-dash entertainment system might look like.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 3.24.37 AM.png


I wanted to take the core functionality of all embedded car systems (media, navigation, communication, and voice control) and put them in an elegant wrapper.

The animation was my focus in this exercise, so I sketched just enough to determine just what infrastructure needed to be built. Then, I’d have room to play and not feel as though I was missing a critical piece of functionality.

Group 12.jpg


I was inspired by audio equipment of the latter 20th century. Their switches and dials are often close together, but bold labeling and large, easily identifiable controls mean they never feel claustrophobic.

I wanted to bring out similar feelings of intent in the Levitus. UI. Controls are large and affordances are clear. The color palette is subtle, only drawing attention when needed.


The goal of this study was to create basic system behaviors that feel effortless.

Since this is meant to be a high-end marque on par with Mercedes-Benz, a fluid experience felt necessary. I created a brief flow that takes the user through commonly used functions of the interface.

cluster test

Engine speed is measured on the left. When the vehicle has transitioned from vertical take off to flying mode, the central gauge transitions from measuring height (in feet) to air speed (in miles per hour).